Employee Brings Orphaned Kitten To Work And She Decides To Offer Her “Help” To Everyone

Joey is a calico kitten that loves being carried around in a pouch or blanket. This tiny furball has just found herself a foster parent who decided to bring her to work not to leave her alone and to be able to attend to her needs every few hours. Obviously, her presence has brought new life into the quiet office and everybody loves her, as shared by her foster parent’s colleague Sa3belle on Reddit. Everyone in the office enjoys having Joey around, they even volunteer to babysit her whenever her foster mom needs a break. Joey helps them get through their stressful work by brightening up their day with her adorable charm, and they are truly grateful to have her with them. Scroll down to read the rest of the story below.
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This is Joey. Her foster mom, an employee of a graphic design company, brought the orphaned kitten to work to take better care of her. In return, the precious little kitten decided to help around by spreading her lovely charm to the office.

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Reddit user Sa3belle, who is a fellow employee, wrote that they appreciate her way of filling the quiet room with little squeaky mews everytime she has to be bottle-fed.

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Joey’s daily routine includes walking across keyboards and personally inspecting every coffee cup along her way.

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Everybody in the office including their boss loves having her around. They also take turns in babysitting her whenever her foster mom needs a break.

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They love having her on their desks and carrying her around. Joey gives them all a nice break from their stressful work load.

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This adorable little kitten obviously loves all the attention she’s getting. The employees look forward to seeing her at work.

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At the end of the day, Joey snoozes off in her foster mom’s arms. This little sunshine needs to recharge for another awesome day at the office.

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