Couрle Find Cаt at Thеir Aрartment Aftеr Theу Mоved in Вut Thеy Dоn’t Own a Cаt

An orange tabby cat came to visit a couple one day at their new apartment, and he kept coming back.

Morgan Hizar and her boyfriend moved into their new apartment in Paris, France, a few months ago. When the weather started getting nicer, they began to leave the door open. One night out of the blue, an unexpected little visitor showed up and strutted right in.

The couple were stunned to find an orange cat in their home as they didn’t own a pet. The confident feline nonchalantly made his way onto the couch as if he owned it. “Coincidentally, (earlier that day) I asked my boyfriend to get a fish because it was lonely with just the two of us. It was a sign,” Morgan told.

The orange tabby was friendly and quickly showed his human friends how much he enjoyed being petted and snuggled. He was very clean and well fed which led the couple to believe that the cat belongs to a neighbor nearby.

After that fateful day, the cat kept coming back and eventually decided to frequent the couple’s home daily.

“He comes over every day, sometimes multiple times a day, as long as someone is home to let him come and go,” Morgan shared.

“The first thing he does every single time he comes in is wander through each part of the apartment. He always immediately finds the things that are new, sniffs them out if there is anything, then hops to us for snuggles.”

The tabby makes himself very comfortable and knows his way around the couple’s abode. He enjoys lounging on the couch or the bed, giving himself a long grooming session before snoozing away with his people close by.

If Morgan’s boyfriend is working on the computer, the cat doesn’t hesitate to come supervise him at the desk or take over his chair whenever he finds an opportunity. If he spots an empty lap, he will crawl in, curl up into a ball and go right to sleep.

Watch the neighbor cat in this cute video:

The couple have started calling their neighbor cat Caramelo, and know his routine whenever he comes over.

“He is very friendly, lovable and chatty, and always will meow to us. He has started getting more playful as well,” Morgan shared.

“When friends are over, he is not shy at all. He will approach anyone and continue to make himself at home.”

After talking to a few neighbors, they were able to find the owner of the cat. “My boyfriend found out that the cat belongs to an old man that also lives in the building,” Morgan added. “I want to take the owner a little treat to say ‘hello’ and ‘we love your cat’.”

The tabby has brought so much joy and laughter to the couple since they moved in. They are completely smitten with the cat and so happy to be able to share their home with their favorite neighbor.

“It’s his world. We are just living in it.”

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