Cat No One Wanted To Touch Finally Finds A Loving Human And A Home To Call His Own

Valentino is a beautiful, cuddly, healthy kitty who loves his life and his pet mom Tania Menjivar.

He’s brave, loving and nobody who looks at him could imagine the terrible hardship he’s been through.

It seems hard to believe that this thriving, healthy-looking kitty was once so sick that people were reluctant to even touch him.

But the truth is, that it took a lot of hard work and dedication to give Valentino the beautiful life he’s living today.

Leave No Paws Behind

Years ago, Valentino was living in agony in a pet shelter.

The poor cat was afflicted with sarcoptic mange that was so severe that he couldn’t even open his eyes.

John Hwang

The tiny mites had infested his skin and left his face caked with crusty rashes that caused him intense itching, pain and general discomfort.

Poor Valentino was so weakened that he could barely meow.

Leave No Paws Behind

Since his mange was considered contagious, people were reluctant to touch him.

Valentino was severely distressed and since his mange discouraged people from touching him, he couldn’t even draw much strength from shows of affection.

Leave No Paws Behind

That is until Elaine Seamans of the Achoo Foundation came to Valentino’s shelter.

Seamans have gotten countless sick and needy animals the medical care they need, and when she met Valentino she knew she had to help him.

Leave No Paws Behind

“I opened his cage door after being shocked by his appearance. He stood up and almost fell over but he turned and came to me,” Elaine said in an interview with Love Meow.

Ignoring the risk of mange, she picked up the weak kitty and gave him a hug. Finally, things were about to change for little Valentino.

Leave No Paws Behind


The rescue group Leave No Paws Behind offered to take Valentino in, and soon began to work on his treatment.

It was hard work, as Valentino’s mange was so severe, but bit by bit his health started to improve.

He was finally surrounded by people who loved him and were determined to help him, and all that love and dedication slowly began to pay off.

Leave No Paws Behind

Not only did he regain his strength, appetite and love of life, but his fur grew back and, best of all, he was eventually able to open his eyes again.

Eventually,  Valentino was strong enough to move into a foster home.

Leave No Paws Behind

Valentino loved his foster family and they fell head over heels for him.

He was such a sweet, lovable kitty with a beautiful personality and so much love to give.

Finally, his foster mom, Tania Menjivar, realized that she was not meant to simply foster him. She was meant to adopt him.

Valentino had become an essential part of her family and she never wanted to let him go.

Leave No Paws Behind

Now, Valentino is living the dream and is loved, happy and healthy –  all thanks to the multitude of wonderful people who fought tirelessly for his health and survival.

It’s been a long and difficult journey, but this sweet kitty is finally exactly where he’s supposed to be: home.

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