Abаndoned Sсared Kittеn Reсcued Frоm Petrоl Stаtion Is Wаiting Fоr A Perfeсt Familу

Baby boy Felix was found all alone at a petrol station. There were many people around the station, but no one paid a little attention to that little creature. Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, who spotted the kitten, rescued the little boy to their shelter.

When Felix was found, the kitten was quite timid and hesitated to trust the rescuers. At first, he stepped towards the rescue team, but then, he stopped and running back to the first location. The young boy looked healthy, clean, but scared. He kept escaping from the rescuers several times until he was reassured with some food.

The hungry creature was enjoying his meal when one of the rescuers grabbed him suddenly. Resiting in panic, he scratched and bit the rescuer. Meanwhile, the man didn’t put up a fight but fondled the little kitten. His reassuring behavior made Felix feel warm and safe. The boy was about two months old and was suffering from hunger.

At the foster home, baby boy Felix was fed with decent food and water. The grey-white furry friend really enjoyed his comfortable bed and lovely toys. He is now living under good care and love at the foster home and is finding a perfect family for himself.

If you want this beautiful angel to become a part of your family, please e-mail Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia at info@dogrescueshelter.org. This organization is still continuing their work to rescue abandoned, mistreated animals in Serbia. If you want to send a small donation, just visit here.

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