Тhis Cаt Keeрs Рutting Its Pаws In Thе Air And Nobodу Knоws Whу

Meet Keys, the pet cat with a rather unusual habit. Take a look at these cat pictures to see what we mean. I’d like to say that we have a logical explanation for it, but, well, we can only guess.

Peter Mares, her Californian owner, saw her throw her paws in the air one morning (presumably like she just didn’t care) and so he quickly took a picture. The next day the funny cat did it again, and he took another snap. But what is she doing?! Is she worshipping a mighty cat God invisible to us mortal humans? Is she trying to fly off in the form of a funny cat stretch? Is she waiting patiently for a double high-five? Well, Peter has nicknamed her Goalkitty, so we can only assume that she’s still celebrating Portugal’s recent victory in Euro 2016. Either that or she’s attempting to do the now famous “Iceland clap.” Whatever the truth is, we love it.

Now, with all seriousness, this behavior probably stems from muscle stretching. Not to ruin the fun of an alien worshipping cat, the animal was perhaps doing a stretch when her owner snapped the pics. Felines do adore the attention, so the standing cat kept doing it to get some praise.

Anyways, scroll down for the hilariously funny cat photos and see it for yourself!













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