Рeople Сan Рay Оff Тheir Рarking Тickets Вy Donating Сat Food Тo Тhe Indiana Сity Рolice Department

Pets are without a doubt among the best things that can happen to a person. Unfortunately, many individuals reject this delight and choose to abandon their pets, which are usually cats and dogs. The bright side is that there are those who dedicate their life to helping the poor animals who have been abandoned in animal shelters all around the world. Muncie Animal Care & Services in Indiana, for example, assists people in adopting new pets and finding new homes for abandoned animals.

Muncie Animal Care & Services partnered with the local police department to allow residents to pay their fines by rescuing abandoned cats.

Both agencies used social media to promote the project, including a list of items that customers can donate instead of paying for parking tickets. Some of the items that are suggested to be brought in include cat/kitten food, litter, wet/pate canned food, beds, and blankets.

Those who are unable to drop off supplies at the shelter or the police station can contact their number to have a uniformed officer come over and pick up the donated items for the cute kittens, according to the police officer.

It is a great way to aid homeless shelters while also encouraging people to donate. On social media, people praised the initiative and desired it would become a global norm. Well, who knows, maybe one day!

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